Five-Person Team Relay

The 5-person Team Relay runs along our traditional marathon route. The team relay offers a distance for everyone, regardless of your fitness level! This will be a great way to be part of the inaugural National College Blue Ridge Marathon. Each member will be able to experience a piece of the beauty and challenges of the monumental race course that will take place on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in the Roanoke Valley.

Team will not have to worry about support crews or transportation. We will provide transportation to all the relay points and the finish line.

The Team Relay Fee is set regardless of the number of members your team has.

  • $150 if registered before 12/31/2010
  • $165 if registered before 3/10/2011
  • $180 through 4/14/2011

Forming a Relay Team
We offer many different divisions for the 5 person relay.

· Corporations

· Non-profit groups

· Civic organizations

· Military (past and/or present)

· Colleges/Universities (student and/or facility)

· Male

· Female

· Coed

We will provide transportation for each member to the different points. Runners running the second and third leg will start loading on to the buses at 7:00am and the bus
es will leave at 7:15 am. The rest of the Relay Team will assemble at the starting area to cheer on their teammate that is running the first leg. Shortly after the race start the fourth and fifth leg runners will start loading on to the buses at 8:00 am and the buses will leave at 8:15 am.

Be prepared with food, water and clothes as you wait for your turn to run and for your wait after you run your leg. It will be the teams responsibilities to keep up with extra clothes or gear that maybe left by a team member. The buses will transport the runners, who finished a leg, back to the finish line once a bus is full.

Running Two Legs
If a runner
is running 2-consecutive legs the team must be paid in full. The runner running two legs must be registered twice on the registration form.

Chip timing
The first runner will be given a Timing Chip at the chip timing pick up race morning. At each relay exchange point, the incoming runner will pass the timing chip to his or her team member. No relay member can leave for his or her relay leg without wearing the timing chip.


Team Relay Registration Instructions

Follow these easy instructions for registering your Relay Team:

  1. Identify a Team Captain
  2. The Team Captain should register his/her team by downloading and completing the Team Relay Registration Form Mail In Form
  3. Each member must complete a form
  4. Mail only one packet that includes: one check and all team member forms (individually mail team forms will not be accepted)


2010 Relay Logistics

Relay Point




Point #1


0-5.5 miles/Start to the overlook at the Mill Mt spur rd/BRP intersection before running Roanoke Mt.


Point #2


5.5- 10 miles/Overlook at the Mill Mt spur rd/BRP intersection before and after running Roanoke Mt(Roanoke Mt. loop)


Point #3


10- 17.8 miles/Overlook at the Mill Mt spur rd/BRP intersection after running Roanoke Mt to Franklin Rd/Greenway intersection


Point #4


17.8-22.2 miles/Franklin Rd/Roanoke Greenway intersection to Franklin Rd/Greenway intersection (South Roanoke loop)


Point #5


22.2- 26.2 miles/Franklin Rd/Roanoke Greenway intersection to finish


A. Relay Distances

Runner #1: 5.5M

Runner #2: 4.5M

Runner #3: 7.8M

Runner #4: 4.4M

Runner #5: 4.0M

B. Transition Locations

  1. Overlook at the Mill Mt Spur Rd/BRP intersection- exchange for legs #2 and #3
  2. Franklin Rd/Roanoke Greenway intersection- exchange for legs #4 and #5

C. Transition Logistics

  1. Each location will have a timing mat.
  2. Advice should be given to each teammate on their expected pace to determine the approximate time they will complete their leg. This will speed up their transition time, and avoid congestion in the exchange zone.
  3. The announcer at each transition location will make announcements relative to the race time to assist the location monitors in lining up the runners in the exchange zone.
  4. All in coming runners to the exchange zone must cross the mat BEFORE transferring the Velcro chip to their teammate.
  5. Upon completion of the Velcro chip transfer, continue to the exit of the transition area where a volunteer will present you with your finishing medal.

D. Relay Monitors:

They will assist you with directional informational, guide you as you enter and exit the transition zone, and distribute your finishing medal.

  1. Monitors to be stationed 40 yards before exchange zone to assist incoming runner to the transition zone entrance.
  2. Responsibility will be to keep the exchange zone from becoming congested by following the lead of the announcer in lining up the runners according to their teammate’s incoming pace.
  3. Assist the outgoing runners to line up forward of the timing pad allowing the incoming runner to cross it where the Velcro chip transfer will take place.
  4. Relay Captain’s responsibility is to have a full understanding of the logistics plan and be in position to lead the monitors in their assignments

E. Supplies at each transition zone

  1. Port-o-johns
  2. Signage for runner direction
  3. Timing mat [2-meter system]
  4. Water station
  5. Transition station